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Our Services

Outperform with VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd

Experience the exemplary business process management solutions 

Our Services

Outperform with VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd

Experience the exemplary business process management solutions 

Industry Specific Solutions

VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd provides a blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diverse portfolio. We are an end-to-end bpm outsourcing services provider. With proven capabilities and deep domain expertise, we address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process outsourcing solutions that address critical business functions. Our services help clients to improve the top and bottom line of the business and improve sales and client satisfaction.

Business Process Management


Finance and accounting

For organizations across industries, CFO’s are under the constant pressure of reducing costs and enhancing revenues. We offer distinguished finance and accounting outsourcing services to support the end-to-end F&A function. Our services include accounts payable and receivables , credit analysis, document verification and document management for various industries across the globe. Our services help to reduce bad debts and increase profitability in your business.

Contact center

Contact center is an important support system of the organization. In todays competitive world multi national companies outsource range of functions to contact centers which includes air ticketing, insurance claims, customer support and sales. We provide the unique combination of contact center support. We use all advanced tools and technologies to increase sales and improve the top and bottom line in your business. We act as a backbone for your sales team. 

Customer service and retention

The customer service industry is a continually evolving one. There is an increased demand for customer support channels, and it becomes crucial for enterprises to handle customer touch points across the entire lifecycle. VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd customer service practice understands the client’s specific expectations and addresses them in a sustainable and comprehensive manner. 

Sales and lead generation

Leads generation refers to the process of generating prospective consumer interest or inquiring into a company’s services. Sales and marketing are the two important segments of the business for the financial growth and stability. We help in end to end lead generation and sales to help you achieve your sales and financial targets.


Back office

Any organization, irrespective of industry type, has a back-office operations team to support mainstream operations and ensure smooth functioning of day to day tasks. A Strong back-office team not only strengthens the organization, but it also contributes in organizational growth. Back office operations include data processing, data entry, data mining and all activities done at the backend. Our team gives end to end back office support in BPM.


Debt collection

This is the most critical task for most businesses around the world. Timely payment collections help your business in maintaining the cash flow and improve production cycle. Our debt collection services helps to ensure your customers pay in time. In todays volatile market, it is critical to maintain the cash flow of the business to avoid financial risk. Our debt collections team help in improving the cash flow of your business.


What clients say

VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd is a clients centric organization. We always try to overperform and exceed client’s expectations. Our core values include mutual relationships and we take utmost efforts to built long term relationships with our clients for long term success. We believe in win-win growth where we nurture the relationships and work towards the financial success of our clients. 

Sean Wilson

We are a startup company in California and taking help from VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd in sales and lead generation. We are experiencing significant results.

Kristi Johnson

We are based in Canada and its a privately owned travel company. VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd helps in giving customer support to our clients and I am really satisfied with their services.

Alan Wright

I recommend VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd for their back end support. Their team does an outstanding job in handling our data processing, data entry and accounting functions.