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Business Process Management

Accelerate Growth With VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd

VVN Solutions  is an outsourcing company based in India 

Business Process Management

Accelerate Growth With BPM

VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd  is an outsourcing company based in India 

What we do

VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end bpm outsourcing services provider. With proven capabilities and deep domain expertise, we address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process outsourcing solutions that address critical business functions. Our services help clients to improve the top and bottom line of the business and improve sales and client satisfaction. 


VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd expertly delivers its telesales solutions through a comprehensive suite of integrated techniques designed to grow existing revenue, retain valuable customers, and target new markets. We know how to market your products and services.

Receivables Management

We take pride as go-to brand to help clients manage its receivables. Providing innovative ways to reduce outstanding balance. We empathize with customers and maintain good relations for harmonious transactions in the future and get you faster payments.

Customer support

Our management team has a vast experience in customer service. Calls about your products and services will be routed to us, and our agents will assist and resolve the concerns of the customers. We deploy high calibre agents to handle all customer demands.

Back office

Any organization, irrespective of industry type, has a back-office operations team to support mainstream operations and ensure smooth functioning of day to day tasks. It goes without saying that a strong back-office team not only strengthens the organization, but it also contributes in organizational growth.

Contact center

Our industry specific call center services include tech support, reservations and booking, order processing, multilingual call center support, live chat support, live transfers, lead generation and telemarketing. These services help your customers to get the most real time data, support and helps in making better decisions.

Data processing

Our industry specific services includes all data entry, data mining and data processing services critical to the business. Our 24X7 operations help your business to stay ahead in the competition. These services help various industries ranging from finance, healthcare and travel, ecommerce, telecom and many more.

Corporate Culture

VVN Solutions Pvt Ltd  continues to be one of the key players in the BPO industry. Driven by genuine concern for mutual success, our culture reflects a business that creates and extends opportunities. We hone our skills and provide experiences that are “best-in-class” in results. Our happy workplace maintains a strong relationship that stimulate our clients’ growth.

BPM Advantages

Business process management helps to accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization. It enables organizations towards business transformation. Business Process Management (BPM) has emerged as a proven strategy for global businesses. BPM has become a cornerstone of success, one that delivers profound business value, much beyond cost optimization and process efficiency. BPM services involves customer support, finance and accounting, sales and fulfilment, and importantly entire back office operations. 

Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing allows you to control costs, which is the largest reason that companies use it. You can pay for services as you need them and avoid making major investments in infrastructure, software, and personnel. Further, you’re able to increase the efficiency of your business by getting expert help without having to hire experts full-time. Offering through BPM helps furthermore to take the advantage of currency difference and lower wages in developing countries. BPM helps to save significant cost in developed countries through offshoring model. 

Delivery excellence

Business process management is all about where and how a company can best use IT to gain competitive advantage by outsourcing. Business process management is increasingly becoming the strategic fit for the companies looking to achieve operation excellence, service quality and cost reductions while focusing on their core business capabilities. Companies in developed countries get significant advantage by outsourcing non-core activities to a reliable outsourcing partner and stay focused on increasing revenue and sales. 

Increased profitability

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is said to be an additional arm of any organization. Working with a strategic outsourcing partner will only help in improving the business process and give in more chances to look into different business aspects. Business process management helps in reducing infrastructure cost, operational cost and overhead expenses. It helps in increasing sales, client retention and therefore increase the top line of the business.

Greater flexibility

As the global demand for businesses  grows, they face challenges in keeping the flexibility in expansion and meeting the seasonal demand. It is vital that the industry must keep up with customer expectations in a digitally connected world. In response, companies are being compelled to create new business models to improve customer satisfaction while balancing costs. Business process management helps companies to maintain greater flexibility.

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